Monday, November 12, 2012


RepaPstudios presents:

A new series of quick and simple, not so complicated, can be completed in one sitting, blocky paper craft. Suitable for the impatient paper modeller. Enter the world of a square Earth where all objects broken down to simple angular shapes. Quick and simple design, quick and simple to build.  Give the finished model to your grandchild, child or child within. see the first model of the series in the free papermodels page

Whitebase progress

Here are some build progress photos of  this paper model.

Model printed on 220gsm cardstock - around 20 pages letter size
front part- launch deck

middle part- main hull
back part- engine assembly
partially assembled
dorsal of main body
top part of main body with top details in place. No bridge assembly yet
3-view front
3view rear
scaled to a ruler - model is around 16.5" long
on the workbench (dining table)
a bit messy
working on the engnes