1/10th scale RC Bodyshell papercraft - VW Offroad Bug (in 2 schemes)

One of my other favorite hobbies is RC vehicles! I like tinkering with it, sometimes destroying and rebuilding it again to my contentment. Here,I incorporated paper modelling to my RC fun by making my own bodyshell. Found below are my VW beetle buggy RC bodyshells in two schemes. Thay are fitted on my heavily bashed TAMIYA TL-01 chassis converted to offroad. I made them available for free download for all to enjoy. Get it below. 

 The design were all modeled in Sketchup. And post processed in Adobe Photoshop CS2. The download includes all my development files to make this model. I used A3 size card for the patterns to reduce joints because parts consists of big surfaces. The civilian VW pattern is a repaint of the VW rally pattern so don't expect to find a sketchup file of it.

Download the Files here:

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