LDSF Assault Gunship "Golem"

In 2098, Moon Base Omega is established on Earth's moon to serve as a launch platform for mankind's plan of gathering resources from deep space. On it is the key component of operations- the Magnetic Mass Acceleration Catapult (MMAC)System. The MMAC system is best described as a giant space based rail cannon that can shoot cargo or unmanned ships to the general direction of their destination making deep space logistics and travel more efficient and economical. The self sustaning base, unique in itself, works a variety of spaceships under Luna Space Defense Force (LSDF) that are used for different missions on and off base. Experience space at the Moon Base! Now Hiring.

Job Opening for the assembly of the following Space ships are available at the moment: 

LDSF Assault Gunship "Golem"

Download and build yours today.

The PDF Password is: ldsfghost03

Welcome to Omega.

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