Sitting T-bear Custom

Above, I used a photo of my 6 month old daughter
      This is a customizable face  teddy bear paper model model kit. You can cut out a face photo of your choice in the size of the face plate found in the pattern and stick it on the face of the assembled model making yourself a personalized cute teddy bear. When built, the model is around 4" tall and will fit in the palm of your hands. Makes good giveaway gifts on occasions like birthdays or christenings... that if you have much time to mass produce.

     The kit has 3 pages- 1 cover page, 1 page instructions, and 1 page parts. Model is fairly simple enough to build in an afternoon. Just have some patience with the compound curves which might require some improvisation.

DOWNLOAD HERE<--mediafire hosted download
PDF password: tbearfree

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