Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Blog!

Today is officially the first day I start blogging. . I've practiced for a few hours already working out the features and controls and I think I'm ready enough to run a web- log- website. So here I go. 

Just saw Toy Story 3 a few hours ago. It was quite entertaining and touching. Almost cried at the end part but didn't - thank goodness.


  1. kumusta chippy? saw your post sa may idea ka ba para makabuo tayo ng sarili nating org or something? para maiba tayo dun sa plastic modelers. what do you think? by the way si desney to ng i'm from quezon province by the way.

  2. tol ang ganda nung osprey! assembly instructions pa lang pang international na, he he he! keep up the good work, salamat ng marami, i hope to finish it this week.