Thursday, January 7, 2016

RC BODYSHELLS PAPERCRAFT one of my favorite hobbies are RC vehicles. I like RC offroad trucks in particular. I mostly just run and bash my RCs . I have a couple of TAMIYA TL-01 chassis that I converted to off road by changing to bigger tires and chopping up the old chassis. I had a shortage of bodyshells and was too stingy to spring out for new ones which I know I will just eventually end up destroying. So, as a solution to that, I decided to make my own body shells. Of all cars, I like the classic VW Beetle the most so I decided to make that one, plus it also looks cool with monster size wheels. There Humvee was just an after thought since I already did the 1/50th scale version, I decided to upscale it and it looked pretty as a bodyshell too. I made the 1/18 yellow shortened pickup just for fun.

Now, the bodyshells I made for myself now are made available to download for free.See them in the new FREE MODELS II section. I'm happy my collection of downloadable paper models made available is growing. Hopefully I'll have many more other releases in the near future!

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