Sunday, October 15, 2017


Ever been to the Philippines? It's my home. My country puts the FUN in dysFUNnctional! As local tourism would like to promote it, "It's more fun in the Philippines!" Do+n't get me wrong, I like living here. Here's a papercraft model I made related to that:

This is a papermodel of a Philippine "Jeepney"- the most common vehicle of public mass transportation found in my country. These self styled old kings of the road are loud, air polluting, are generally (un)safe and ply all over the metro and in the provinces in droves. Currently, they are subject to a government proposed modernization, but many still object to it - go figure. The design of these vehicles evolved from the old "Willy" jeeps left by the Americans after WW2. On a heritage point of view, the jeepney is one of many colorful cultural contradictions that is native to the Philippines.

Do a google image search of "jeepney" to appreciate the uniqueness of this wonderful time bomb on wheels.

See more photos of this paper model HERE

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