T.M.N.T papercraft

T.M.N.T Papercraft

Oct. 12,2014

Designed this in a whim a few months back when the new tur(d)tles movie came out. It was only yesterday that I finally prepared the files for a model release. So here they are for you all to enjoy.

The PDF file contains 6 pages. 1 instruction page, 4 individual character pages, and 1 weapons page. Print on letter size card.
The Model is around 3" tall when completed

The Password of the PDF file is: freetmnt

Download the file HERE- hosted in mediafire

As seen in the photos, I only built Leo. He has 4 points of articulation and detachable katanas. 

If you ever build them all, I'd sure appreciate a group picture of your build so please share them with me.

I hope you Enjoy the model! 

Also enjoy the dance video below of the 3d model done in Sketchup. I'm still trying to learn working with youtube videos.

Knife Fight With a GI Joe Figure


  1. can you make master splinter, the shredder, and the foot soldier?

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