A Proposed Joint Development Project.

Hello all! Cleaning the cobwebs in my hard drives, I came across this.

I never came close to really finishing the patterns for a decent public release so I thought I'd just share all the development files I have on this for those who are interested in having a joint project adventure in further developing this paper model for everyone else to enjoy or for anyone to try to build it themselves.
Again, From my much much earlier blog post for the description of this model: This is a combiner toy of four multi-combining machine droids, Of which can form different machines with each other(see below). when they all combine, They form the Mega Ultimate mecha droid (Nameless still. Gimme a good name!) (Refer to first pic)

From left to right: Track Tow, Gunn Runner, and Droyd Flyer
From Left to right: Gunn Tank, Recon Runner 

Gunn Flyer 

Here is a video demo of this paper model:

Thanks to Thorsten Köhn for emailing me about this model. It helped me remember that I still had it.

All the papermodel development files for this model can be downloaded here

Files consists of the following:
1. JPG pics of the finished prototype
2. ZIP file of the photoshop rendered pages
3. Sketchup file of the finished models in all modes and
4. Sketchup file of the flattened parts without glue tabs

Model status based on given parts:
1. Missing Moving Joint / slide parts-(I customized them in the prototype)
2. Same size interlocking parts - (tight fit for the moving parts stuck to each other, I did not reduce the size of some parts in the 3d model that are meant to interlock with other parts so I hade to squeeze my interlocking parts to fit.
3. No Glue tabs
4. No Instructions.
5. No indications of magnetized areas (Yes, I used Magnets in some parts)

What Else:
1. This will be a joint venture project so please don't forget to give credit where credit is due if one were to further develop this model for everyone else to enjoy.
2. Also, do coordinate with me with this model and I will accommodate you if I can. This is the first time I will be doing this. It could be fun not working alone.
3. Play nice everyone. long live papercraft.

p.s. There are no cobwebs inside hardrives ;-]


  1. I've got all of the photos and Sketchup files, but I can't open the psd files, can they please be re-posted in another format?

  2. Will have a look at this and thanks for sharing ^__^

  3. I have GIMP, SketchUp and Paintbox on my computer. I cannot afford photoshop so I cannot open the Zipfile. Any help?

  4. Here are the .psd files in the zip file converted to jpg for you ok ^__^

    1. Thank-you very much for the conversion, I really appreciate it.

      I'll have fum working out how they fit together and then all the combinations.

  5. appreciate it greenelf. thanks for the effort.

  6. no problem glad to help, will be looking into this project when i get time on Monday ^__^

  7. Hi there. I'm having problems with this. I have downloaded it, and extracted all of the files but I am having trouble with the TankFlyer and Runner sections. I'm using GIMP to open them, but the CMYK pligin is not working, no matter what I do, and GIMP cannot read these files without the CMYK plugin. It had no problems with the Cockpit files, but the others just don't want to open. Please help.